Conceptul de imagine

Knowing the image they the buyers have about a product or service is of great importance, because the images have the function forming opinions and attitudes, thereby influencing consumer reviews and their manifestations buyers.

The image is an important factor that has been recognized and studied since 1950. In his book “Marketing Management”, Philip Kotler defined image in a broad sense, as “all perceptions that an individual has vis-à-vis an object”.

A. Denner defines image as “a halo of representations of ideas, feelings, attitudes, beliefs more or less explicit, more or less deep, more or less conscious, having a more or less emotional dense, more or less important. ”

Enterprises should pay great importance to maintain a favorable image formation and for them and their services, products sold, which is a sure way to increase revenues.

The image is of great importance for all promotional strategies because it is actually from a company, product or brand. If the image is poor result here in front of a handicap competition. Brand promotion should focus not only on its features for several reasons. First, the buyer is interested in both features and advantages of the product. Second, competition can easily copy those features. Thirdly, the current characteristics of the product may lose in value later, negatively influencing a brand too much about them. Brand essence is defined by: value, design and personality that she suggests.

Posted on October 15, 2009 in Editorials

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