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We live in a world of information,in continuous motion, images and sounds, under the sway of a blind date, enslaved imperatives of the here and now. Today, the dominant culture is that of unlimited consumption and carefree man’s earthly well-being, fulfillment BREF myth tends to earthly paradise. This ugliness is required urgently to over-paint, where the impetuous development of science communication, design, marketing, advertising. In the industry is unparalleled capacity for innovation needed, given that in a society saturated, and inexhaustible supply of information explosion, supposed to stand out to find that element to impress, to shock, to revive the spirit of consumer atrophied.

They say a picture can say more good than a thousand words. This saying has been proven billions of times, with each attached to a suggestive pictorial image advertisement. Thus, the image is meant to direct textualitatea, complete it, the most important element extratextual, along the border, which can be colored to provide a touch of cheerfulness referent, or black, denoting sobriety and distance. Of course, the picture alone can not manage to capture the attention of potential comparators, it is also a fighting title, the most profitable are those that “promise readers a benefit” (David Ogilvy). All this author is saying that “those who read the titles are on average five times more than those who read the text. It follows that, if you have not managed to sell your product in the title, you wasted 90% of the money spent. ”

The ads show a more or less clear exactly what we want to see: those “happy faces” hot looks, comfort undoubtedly satisfaction of those using the product displayed in the advertisement, respecting the principle of AIDA: awakening attention, interest, desire and finally, action. The image is meant to elucidate the meaning potency or the text, contributing to the suggestion persuasion. As you know, not just advertising articles purely informative speeches, designed to help consumers decide in perfect lucidity and reasoning purchase a product, taking into account the requirements set en Avance. There are situations in which the image on the contrary help to update product needs more or less aware of the client. It is essential to use the image in his advertising because what is seen is much more credible (“I saw with my own eyes”) and is believed to be one of the conditions sine qua non for its creator, especially since they say that postmodern society is one of “transparency” (G. Vattimo). But advertising is often viewed with distrust, rejected as unfair, deceptive, manipulative, because of subliminal messages that is supposed to contain. However, no matter how impressive would be suggestive image and slogan however, you are not imposed numbness free will and will not buy your product.

Finally, although many of the images in ads seem to say “You have a bad life? We offer beautiful dreams,” industry should not be blamed, since her only fault is to follow the direction of the trend towards consumerism has drawn the who entered in this rat race of comfort, the dependence on brands, watching the neighbor’s yard and proslaviriii new acquisitions.

Articol scris de Veronica STANCU

Posted on August 25, 2009 in Editorials

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