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No doubt, organizing events bring restaurants many benefits, most notably advertising, reputation and revenues. Since no industry that nothing comes for free, such an approach requires commitment, knowledge, organization and money. From the very beginning to say that the industry’s global standards do not allow hosting a conference meeting in a restaurant. Apparently it seems a “sentence” too harsh, but in reality these types of locations are able to focus on two other main ways: personal meetings and special events company.

Depending on the capacity of the restaurant manager can segment its market further, that may decide the types of events that wishes to organize. For example, small units with a capacity up to 100 seats, can be successful with demand for baptisms, weddings, anniversaries, weddings organized themselves in those with a minimum capacity of 100 seats. However, bear in mind that the number has increased lately with the wedding guests until 100 people, the tendency will increase amid the current economic crisis. A chance for small restaurants but chochete to organize such events.

Offer a restaurant on the corporate segment should include special eveniementele such as company anniversaries, mini-revelioanele, parties loyal dedicated customers, fundraising galas, cocktails, etc. launch. For a restaurant, collections, staff focus and promotion effort “by words” resulting from a single event of this type are more profitable than a week, perhaps a la carte sales. Attention! In the current economic climate companies are drastically adjusted budgets in Chapter special events and marketing efforts much of the restorer to communicate such an offer may be doomed to failure.

In many cases, those who open such a business does not have the experience and not realize the impact of a coherent marketing strategy. Often we see in the pages of magazines, printed in any studio, advertising layouts of some rated restaurants trying to capture the attention of companies meeting segment. What are the chances that a company’s PR manager to read that “publication”? It has exactly the same opportunities that offer corporate restaurant to be effective.
The explosion of new sites emerging lately causing the manager to decide how they positioned the restaurant market segment which wants to be addressed in order to cope with competition and, why not, to recover investment. Part of a good marketing strategy is to put the value of those elements that distinguishes a location, which helps to form an image that is immediately associated with a specific customer in mind quality products and services. Differentiation from other restaurants help to gain extra points for attracting events organizers and beneficiaries..

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Posted on June 26, 2009 in Editorials

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