Licentele software – intre legalitate si piraterie

Software license is legally entitled to use a software. License for use of software can be both paid and free. Software piracy is to unauthorized reproduction or distribution of copyright protected software. Piracy is done by copying, downloading, provision, sale or installation of children or the use PC at work.

Depending on the legal and technical restrictions established by the owners of licenses for the use, modification, copying or redistribution of them, there are two types of licenses:

– Licenses, trading names, which in turn can be of shareware (free can be used only for a certain period), trial (can be used for free for a while, but have more options Disabled), retail (commercial software can not be copied) and freeware (the user can use the software indefinitely, but is not entitled to edit or resell it);

– Open source licenses are licenses by which the ownership of an IT product is not in its author, the program can be used freely by any user.

It should be noted that there are abandonware software that can be used freely without any restriction, because its makers have abandoned the copyright.

In Romania, the copyrights on software are protected by copyright law nr.8/1996 and Related Rights, as amended and supplemented, which by art.1399 has “an offense and is punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 4 years or a fine on computers unauthorized reproduction of computer programs in any of the following ways: installation, storage, performance, or performance, display or transmission in the domestic network.

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Posted on November 16, 2009 in Editorials

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