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We live in a world ruled by the image. Even if the letters were the ones who dressed newspapers or magazines, photography was the one who really gave Articles. Of course, one without the other can live independently, but writing with light that has so much impact today as it guides people. Photography is a direct expression. If people manage to create the quintessential universe that you’ve captured a photo, then you can call a winner. As much as they would like to capture quality images, photographer should never forget that carries the most powerful weapon in arms: light. Without light, there is no picture. Under the many faces that occurs, the light beam is the main raw material for the photographer.
The French poet, Alphonse de Lamartine, expressed in a very plastic and light the close interdependence of photography: “Photography is an art, is more than an art, is a solar phenomenon in which the artist works with the sun.” For all there is light, but not all really know how to take advantage of it. Each being is unique qualities that make up nature, but most important for a photographer is to see with one eye: the brain. He is the one that makes the difference. Photography is actually the world that you resusesti to create, in your memoiei imaginary space. I mean, the whole story, all the emotion you want to transmit to humans occurs in our laboratory. NTS step best mixed substances.
The photo is special for the man in control in all respects. He is the orchestra conductor who coordinates everything: they choose notes with delight the audience. But the most important photographer is not never stop the search, in digging for hidden treasures. The artist must be typeset to pick up all the letters that you go to photo information. The photographer must not forget that once the virus contacted beauty, he will never be able to cure it!

Articol scris de Roxana Dima

Posted on June 26, 2009 in Editorials

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